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DermoViva Hair Mask Black Seed

Contains the legendary Black Seed, which gives complete hair protection

Black Seed or the ‘Seed of Blessing’ has been known since thousands of years to have tremendous healing properties

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DermoViva Hair Mask Dandruff Guard

For dandruff prone hair Vatika Anti dandruff Hammam Zaith Contains

Lemon: Has astringent action which helps prevent dandruff.

Tea Tree Oil: Removes dandruff from scalp.

Tea Tree Oil: Fights dandruff recurrence.

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DermoViva Hair Mask Deep Conditioning

For dry, dull and lifeless hair Vatika Deep conditioning Hammam Zaith Contains

Henna: Coats protects and gives shine

Almond: Softens and Penetrates to strengthen hair

Olive: Gives complete nourishment.

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DermoViva Hair Mask Garlic

Contains garlic that is known to promote natural hair growth

Garlic is a rich source of minerals and vitamins which are essential for both healthy scalp and hair.

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DermoViva Hair Mask Hair Fall Control

For breaking falling and weak hair Vatika Hair fall control contains

Garlic: Disinfects the skin & stimulates roots, controlling hair fall.

Cactus: Repairs hair shaft & prevents hair loss.

Coconut: Strengthens & makes hair thicker.

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DermoViva Hair Mask Intensive Nourishment

For damaged, weak and falling hair Vatika Intensive Nourishment Hammam Zaith contains

Honey: Conditions hair.

Marrow: Revitalizes hair.

Castor: Propagates hair growth.

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