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DermoViva Face Toner Fairness Glow

For All Skin Types

New DermoViva Fairness Glow Facial Cleansing Toner is infused with fairness-enhancing herbal ingredients which help in cleansing well settled impurities for a blemish- free, brighter complexion.

Saffron: helps make skin fairer and brighter

Pomegranate: It is rich in minerals and nutrients for natural skin growth

Papaya: It lightens the skin color and softens the skin

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DermoViva Face Toner Gentle Soothing

For Sensitive Skin

New DermoViva Gentle Soothing Facial Cleansing Toner is infused with skin-calming herbal ingredients which soften the skin’s top layer while cleansing impurities for delicately, cared-for skin.

Chamomile: It tones and closes the skin’s pores

Lavender: It softens and relaxes the skin

Cucumber: It balances the skin›s moisture level

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DermoViva Face Toner Oil Control

For Oily Skin

New DermoViva Oil Control Facial Cleansing Toner is infused with pore- cleansing herbal ingredients, which help re-balance the skin’s pH level, controlling excess oil for a matte nish clear look.

Tea Tree: Has antibacterial properties that help prevent breakouts

Grape Seed: Has antioxidant properties that help brighten your skin’s complexion

Green Lime: Removes excess oil to help prevent breakouts

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