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With winter settling in, we get into the party and festive mood. Winter season is the best since we tend to get out a lot, socialize, feel happier, and are excited to experiment with all kinds of styles and fashion trends. Skin, makeup and most importantly, hair plays a big part in one’s key to looking and feeling good and beautiful. Whether its straight hair, curly hair, long hair, or short, we have a style mantra for you this season, and we guarantee that its easy, fuss free, pretty and will make you look and feel spectacular this holiday season!

The Wavy Wow: Right after a blow dry, curl the hair with large rollers, and then run a spiral brush through the hair. Finish off by spraying some hair spray to keep it in place. This look is easy, fun, and does not need too much maintenance throughout the day or night!

Side Braids: This look is fresh, young, and cute. Simply part your hair in the middle, and create two French braids on either side. You can curl or let your hair be straight, and can accessorize with flowers or bows.

Half-up and Half-down: This style is classic and never goes out of style. Run some hair moose throughout your hair and scrunch up some part of it high up. Take a curling iron and curl the stray strands below to add some oomph and volume. The top section of the hair should be at the ear level, and not too high.

Messy Missy: This out of bed, messy look is perfect for evening parties. Take your hair and wrap it around your curling iron so that it forms a figure 8. Keep it like that for a few seconds and release. Repeat this all around, and then scrunch up the hair in a half messy bun. Let some of the strands fall around or across the face.

The Perfect Pony: This hairstyle is fun, and full of spunk. Tie the hair in a high ponytail, and tease the sections all around with the backside of the comb. The loose end of the ponytail can be flat ironed or curled depending on your preference. This style is easy and can be achieved in less than 10 minutes.

The side swept bun fun: Tie the hair in a half bun, and then tease the crown section of the head with the tip of the comb. Pull the hair only half way out from the rubber band, and let the rest remain in place. Pull out a few strands from either side and let them be. You can use a bit of hairspray to keep it in place.

One sided braid: This is again a hairstyle which is perfect for lunches, tea parties or little fun get-togethers. Straighten the hair completely with a flat iron, and take one section of the hair and braid it all the way back to one side. Let the other side remain plain. You can add a flower clip or a hair accessory to give it a more sophisticated look if needed.

With a band in hand: If nothing strikes you, and you have tried all the ideas, then you can get yourself a fun looking and cute hair band. Just slip it on, and make sure it’s tight and secure around the head. This looks very cute in winters and can give you the ‘back to school girl’ look in less than 10 seconds!

While trying out different hairstyles is always fun, the key to good looking hair in the winter time requires a little bit of additional care as well. Oil massages, a good and rich diet full of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and nuts, and a healthy lifestyle would reflect well in your tresses, and keep them looking happy and healthy throughout the season!

For healthy hair:

  • Eat lots of nuts like almonds and apricots
  • Eat Amla, which gives the hair a healthy glow
  • Apply Coconut, almond and olive oil at least once a week if not more to keep your scalp from drying up.
  • Apply honey on the strands of your hair 30 minutes before you take a shower. This will instantly smoothen any rough ends.
  • Do not blow dry too much, since that dries out the scalp even further during the cold winter months. Let the hair dry naturally after shampooing. You can style it further once its dry.
  • Use homemade hair masks made out of yogurt, amla, and olive oil. Do this at least once a week to bring back the shine and bounce.

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